Sunday, July 12, 2009

Love is what makes the world go round<3

when everything is just right being in the person's arms,the feeling you get when you kiss them, feeling so comfortable with them, it's not only that feeling you get when you're first starting to like someone and you get nervous and get butterflies in your stomach, it's more ofa warm, fuzzy feeling, as stupid as that sounds. It's after you've had a bad day, that person is the first person you want to talk to and when you have good news or excited about something, they're the first person you want to's waking up and having them be the first thing on your mind and when you go to bed at night, they're the last thing on your mind, the "bad" things about them that most people would find annoying, you find cute. When you're together, the time goes by too fast and you never want to go. no one else can hurt you more,but no one else can make you happier at the same time.

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